Deal With the Blackmarket Prince

After the events in the tunnels, the group decided to stay the night in an Inn. They bumped into Vincent, former Knight de la Fluer and current ruffian for hire. Giuseppe knows Vincent from past dealings in the underworld so he invites the muscle along to meet with Rodriguez in regards to the specialized lift stones they need to fix the pump.

Rodriguez said he could get the parts they needed, but only if they did a favor for him. He needed a silver box covered in carvings that was last known to be in the Temple at the Bottom of the Falls. His informants had told him it surfaced recently.

The group went to Fishtown and interviewed some fishermen. They said that a little guy they called Twerp had been fishing recently and he ran off without selling his fish or prepping them for market. They also came across one of Rodriguez’ informants who wouldn’t help much other than saying Twerp was likely trying to sell the box in the city.

They followed the trial to a silver merchant, Ron Silverguy, who said Twerp had been there a couple days ago and wanted to sell the box but the merchant couldn’t afford it. Ron doesn’t like Thomasine and the others have to speak to him. He sent Twerp away, into the city to find a buyer.

The group decided that the most likely to buy the box would be the Church. They went to Father Thomas, Relic Acquisitions Secretary. He had the group return later so he could look into the ledgers to see if such an item had been acquired.

When the group returned they where questioned about the box and what they wanted it for. Eventually, they mentioned Rodriguez and they were granted the box.

The Sky Falls
The formation of the party

Principe Cuthbert was tasked by Father Niccolo to discover and fix whatever is causing the water pumping station to only pump occasionally. To do this, he is instructed to find people to aid him who will be suited to the task. With that in mind, he saute out the help of a smith, Thomasine, who works with the inventions of the Portas and is a master of her craft.

Thomasine, in turn, asked for aid from an inventor she worked with in the past named Ambrose. She also works with the Portas technology and is deeply invested in understanding how it works and what it might do to help the people of Ecclesia.

Ambrose brought in a fellow, Giuseppe, who is useful in finding goods that are less than legal. Therefore, he is helpful in gaining access to any Portas equipment they might need for the task ahead.

The party met at the Pep Palace, an out of the way and little known coffee house in a poor district of the city. They decided that the first thing they should do is investigate the pumping station to determine the problem. Before they could leave, an explosion sounded near the center of the city.

The group ran to investigate and saw one of the many large Portas Inventions that created the dome over the city falling. With a defoning crash, it hit the ground. Debri was throwen into the air.

The party made it to the site of the destruction and found that only one citizen was injured, lucky this is a nearly abandond slum. As the group pushes the growing crowd of onlookers back, the local priest makes his way into the fold in time to aid Cuthbert in easing the tension.

The group decides that it is important to get this Invention back where it belongs. With reservation Cuthbert agrees to let the women open the device and see what is needed to repair it. It turns out that the power stone inside is not working and they need another that provides power for both lift and shielding. They have never come across this before and don’t know where to find it, although Giuseppe thinks he might know somebody who can help.

Before the group can leave to find Giuseppe’s contact, a stranger in a cloak with hood drawn low over his face approaches Cuthbert. He pushes a small box into his hands and tells him to deliver it to Sinor Rodregez. On later inspection, the box had carvings indecating the Order del Laflur and the Church. The stranger insisted Cuthbert would know what to do as he left. Inside the box was a dagger with the same simbals carved into the handle.

Thomasine remembered the origianl tasked and insisted the group get back to it. They found the entrance to the water pump and went in, leaving the gate open. They encountered many large rats and cavern cats as they traversed the tunnels. Then they saw light ahead, and heard voices.

They found 4 men looking at the pump equipment. On talking to them, they found that the group was sent by the mechanics guild to investigate this pump. They left the party, but refused to share their findings, guild secrets.

The group investigated and found that the pump was driven by lift devices that all need to be replaced. They are small and Giuseppe thinks he can get his hands on some. Then they heard screamming and fighting back up the tunnel.

When they investigated the fight, they found a very large cavern cat attacking the leader of the guildsmen. When they entered the scene, the cat turned and attacked them. They found the cat had no head, but a ring of eyes encircling two mouthes on either shoulder. The beast was visous and took a beating before being set on fire by Thomasine and Giuseppe’s dagger dealt the final blow from his hiding place.

The guildsman’s wounds where fatal and he died. The rest of his men appeared to be dragged away, leaving only peices behind. The party gathered what they could of each of the guildsmen and took them to the closest temple for proper handling. They also brought the great cat beast as proof of their deads.

They decided they could deal with the pump after a rest.

Welcome to your Questerra!
Where the Strange meets the Renaissance


Not unlike Renaissance Italy on Earth, Questerra is a land of City-States and the large areas they held. The church is the center of all morality and authority. They contest ideas that oppose their ideas in business, arts, governance, and even the continually evolving philosophies.

That was before the strange metal ships came from the Heavens and created a dome of blue light over the City and the land surrounding it. Then the ships occupants reveled themselves. To any good believer, it was obvious they were sent by Him to impart his Glory on His people.

The newcomers wore armor of magnificent design and complexity and wielded no weapons against anyone. The few people who dared attack them would not penetrate the armor. They spoke in a language only the most learned of the Church could understand.

They instructed the people to do the work they needed and that they would impart valuable lessons on the world.

For 70 years they stayed and the City changed. The round city with the radiating roads became a square with grid streets. Huge and strange buildings were crafted to process the material they had mined from the local hillsides. The dome made contact with the villages outside it impossible, but for when they opened the gate and escorted the people to interact with a learned clergy to monitor the interaction.

The processed ore was loaded into the metal sky ships. Then the material was flown out of the dome and into the Heavens. The ships would return empty, or with supplies of tools and other items needed in the process.

After the 70 years, less ships returned when they left. Eventually, none returned and all of the armored beings were gone.

The city was confused for several weeks before the Church stepped in and brought about order with the help of the one Knightly Order that remained. That is when the Cardinal was put in charge.

Now, there is chaos and factions vie for control.


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