Deal With the Blackmarket Prince

After the events in the tunnels, the group decided to stay the night in an Inn. They bumped into Vincent, former Knight de la Fluer and current ruffian for hire. Giuseppe knows Vincent from past dealings in the underworld so he invites the muscle along to meet with Rodriguez in regards to the specialized lift stones they need to fix the pump.

Rodriguez said he could get the parts they needed, but only if they did a favor for him. He needed a silver box covered in carvings that was last known to be in the Temple at the Bottom of the Falls. His informants had told him it surfaced recently.

The group went to Fishtown and interviewed some fishermen. They said that a little guy they called Twerp had been fishing recently and he ran off without selling his fish or prepping them for market. They also came across one of Rodriguez’ informants who wouldn’t help much other than saying Twerp was likely trying to sell the box in the city.

They followed the trial to a silver merchant, Ron Silverguy, who said Twerp had been there a couple days ago and wanted to sell the box but the merchant couldn’t afford it. Ron doesn’t like Thomasine and the others have to speak to him. He sent Twerp away, into the city to find a buyer.

The group decided that the most likely to buy the box would be the Church. They went to Father Thomas, Relic Acquisitions Secretary. He had the group return later so he could look into the ledgers to see if such an item had been acquired.

When the group returned they where questioned about the box and what they wanted it for. Eventually, they mentioned Rodriguez and they were granted the box.


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