The world of Questerra is a land of cultures come together, then ripped apart. Leaving a City-State to pick up the pieces.

The Bringers have come and gone. Who they are is still a subject of controversy. Many believe they where the agents of the Forbidden Ones (the gods worshiped before the Enlightenment.) Others understand that He sent the Bringers to show His Glory and to show the world the Way.

It is through His Bringers that the Craft was introduced to the people of Questerra. The Craft is not understood buy the people yet, that is the Test. When they understand the Craft, they will be worthy of His Blessings. Or, at least that is what the Church is saying.

The Cardinal was put in charge by the Bringers, to be the voice of the people to them and their voice to the people. He was a well respected man, even among those who felt the Church was wrong in its understanding of what the Bringers wanted and what they were doing.

When the Bringers left, after 70 years, the Cardinal was the unanimous choice for leader of the City. It was through his rule that the people did not fall apart and the City turn to chaos. That is over now. The Cardinal was murdered two years ago and the factions all publicly blame one another. No one takes responsibility for the action and all want control of the City.


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